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Student Handbook



Jump to: Electronic Device Policy, Dress Code, Disaster Plan

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Electronic Device Policy (go to top)

Electronic equipment (including headphones) is not permitted to be seen or heard during instructional time. All equipment must be turned off and stored out of sight during instructional time.

 1st violation will result in the following actions by
(1) Confiscation of device
(2) Filing out the confiscation envelope, available through School Secretary.
(3) Bring to the security office at your convenience.
Security Staff:
(1) Storage of Electronic Device with student’s name attached
(2) Relinquish Electronic Device to parent at the end of the day (2:30).
Assistant Principal
(1) Document student violation of school electronic policy in student’s discipline history
Further Violations
The Teacher and Security Staff will follow the same steps as described above
Assistant Principal
(1) Document student violation of school electronic policy in students discipline history

(2) Implement progressive discipline based upon students discipline history and repeated offenses.


ECHS Dress Code (go to top)


All staff members are responsible for enforcing the following standards of dress.   Administrators may establish additional local school regulations as they become necessary and appropriate. Dress and grooming affect the attitude of students in their work and study habits and contribute to a productive learning and safe school environment.
Students will be required to dress in accordance with the following dress code of El Camino High School during school hours and at all school sponsored activities:
1.      All apparel and accessories must be free of symbols that communicate offensive or inflammatory messages. All items must be free of writing, pictures, symbols or insignia which are:
  • Vulgar, profane, sexually explicit or sexually suggestive;
  • Related to gangs, criminal behavior or illegal substances (tobacco, alcohol, drugs or weapons);
  • Degrading toward individuals or groups.
2.      Revealing clothing is not permitted.
  • Clothing must completely cover an individual's chest, stomach, back and bottom.
  • Undergarments must be covered at all times. (Bra straps and boxer tops must be covered.)
    • Students must wear an appropriate shirt / top. Wearing a jacket, sweater or other cover-up over an inappropriate top is not permitted.
  • Sheer fabrics, halter tops, crop tops, strapless tops, off-the-shoulder and low-cut tops are not permitted.
  • Short skirts and short-shorts are not permitted. 
3.      Clothing and accessories that have the potential to harm oneself or others are not permitted at school.  These items include, but are not limited to: handcuffs, thick and/or lengthy chains, spikes, and belts with loops.
4.      Student may not wear head coverings indoors unless approved to do so by school administration. Exceptions will be made for religious observance or medical necessity only. Do-rags and bandanas are not permitted.
Consequences for Violation of Dress Code
First Violation:             The student will be sent to the office to change into clothing that complies with the dress code. Parent contact and documentation will be made by an administrator.
Second Violation:        The student will be sent to the office to change into clothing that complies with the dress code and assigned a detention. Parent contact and documentation will be made by an administrator.

Third Violation:            The student will be suspended from school for violation of CA Education Code 48900.k (Defiance of School Authority) on their third violation of the dress code, and with each subsequent violation of the dress code.


Disaster Plan: (go to top)

What is a disaster plan?
A disaster plan is a comprehensive, easily accessible, straightforward plan to follow in the event of an event that threatens staff and students.

How is ECHS's staff trained to respond to disaster?

1. Lockdown: If there is a situation on campus that would endanger the lives or safety of staff or students if they left a locked classroom or building, a "lockdown" will be called. The students are to adopt the "contain" (all doors are locked and not opened until "lockdown" call is cleared) and "conceal" (lights out, no noise, no cell phone use, pretending the room is empty) status. Staff is trained to not leave this status until the "all clear" is announced.

2. Evacuation: If there is a situation that requires staff and students to leave a potentially dangerous area, the staff is trained to evacuate to a very specific part of the ECHS baseball field. A very organized system of reporting student head counts then takes place, and everyone waits for the "all clear" to be announced. If the emergency requires a greater evacuation distance, the staff is trained to take the students to the church parking lot on Mesa drive and wait there for an "all clear".

Any questions can be either referred to assistant principal at ECHS or the district office.