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Mickey Sanders


Wildcat Foundation

Wildcat Foundation Logo
Wildcat Foundation web site:   El Camino Wildcat Foundation

The mission of the Wildcat Foundation is to solicit funding to benefit major programs and facilities at El Camino High School.  These funds will be utilized to enhance the educational experience, promote growth and improve programs and facilities at the campus.

The Wildcat Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization.


Mickey Sanders: President

Lori Gentry Boody: Treasurer

Vicki Barnett: Secretary




Martin Nolasco Clayton Huggins
Laurisa Campbell Charity Davidson
Sara Lyon Rosie Matanane
Kyle Noble Rasheeda Parr
Jennifer Pieri Todd Roerig
Daniel Sanders Tyler Stemley
Lori Tauber Shawna Williamson
Dan Noble Melissia Brohamer

Forms & Applications

Wildcat Foundation Web Site

To donate to the Wildcat Foundation please visit our web site:



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