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Test Prep Resources


SAT/ACT Test Preparation


Most 4-year colleges/universities require students to submit scores from either the SAT Reasoning or the ACT.  Preparation & practice will help you do your best on these tests.  Remember that some colleges and certain majors also require SAT Subject tests. 


In addition to the testing & career resources on the ECHS Library page, you can try these sites:



The CollegeBoard has a various tools to help you prepare for the SAT and AP exams and also to research college & careers. For free SAT practice:





ACT preparation: 




CaliforniaColleges.edu is the official source for college & career planning in California.  Go to Californiacolleges.edu, click “College Planning”, then “Test Prep” to find Community Colleges Test Prep, SAT and ACT Test Prep and Vocabulary Test Prep.



Advance Placement Prep:

The University of California College Prep Initiative announces free online AP Course preparation to all high school students.  Visit our website at www.uccp.org