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College Athletics

Playing Sports in College

If you have had a successful athletic career in high school and are hoping to play your sport in college, there are two avenues.

  1. NCAA – the National Collegiate Athletic Association is the governing board for college athletics at the Division 1, 2 and 3 levels. The three divisions are defined by the number of sports they offer for both men and women. Division 1 colleges can offer full scholarships. Division 2 colleges can offer a combination of scholarship money, grants, student loans and employment earnings. Division 3 colleges do not provide financial aid related to athletics.

  • D1 and D2 Eligibility – To be eligible for Division 1 and 2 colleges, student athletes have to meet core course requirements, have at least a 2.3 GPA and meet SAT/ACT requirements. Admission to the college is dependent on these factors.

  • D 3 Eligibility - To be eligible for a Division 3 college, student athletes need to be admitted to the college first.

  1. NAIA – National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics is the governing board for small athletic schools that are dedicated to character driven intercollegiate athletics.

  • Eligibility – To play for a NAIA college, student athletes must meet two of three: ACT/SAT test score, Minimum GPA, or Class Rank (top 50% of class).

  • Scholarships – financial packages can include scholarship money, grants-in-aid or student loans.


Transcript release process – Before we can release your transcript to a college coach or recruiter, please complete the Transcript Release Form and turn into the Counseling Center.



For more information, contact Kathleen McCann, School Counselor and NCAA/NAIA liaison at kathleen.mccann@oside.us 760-901-8041