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Community Service

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Community Service is defined as volunteer service beyond the traditional classroom that fosters civic and social responsibility for the benefit of the community that is neither paid for, graded, nor punitive. Service can unite neighbors, mobilize volunteers and encourage a lifelong ethic of public participation, and is best performed in conjunction with a reputable public service organization. To these ends, activities which qualify as community service that may be recorded at ECHS have become more explicit. However, it is impossible to develop a list of acceptable and unacceptable activities that is all inclusive. Therefore, it is important for students who are unsure of their community service activity to consult with their School Counselor.

ECHS encourages students who are interested in graduating with Honors to volunteer more than the 50 hour minimum requirement. The purpose of this requirement for Honors Graduation is to encourage
students to be active and engaged members of their community and to address important community issues.

Community service hours recorded at ECHS must be documented through the Community Service Documentation Form which is available in the ECHS Library. Forms must be correctly completed in order for it to be accepted and verified. Forms must be submitted to the ECHS Librarian, and we encourage students to keep a copy for their records.