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Morning Message

Good Morning Wildcats!!!


As you know, we are talking about our Core Value of EMPATHY this week.  As I mention in the accompanying video, I hope that by now, these terms and their definitions are part of your everyday vernacular.  But even more than that, I hope that you fully comprehend and are able to incorporate these concepts into your daily lives.  


As this is my first video message for the new semester, I welcome you all back and encourage you to truly grasp this concept of empathy for your fellow classmates, teachers or maybe it is even for you to display empathy toward one of your parents or siblings?  So often we take advantage of the relationships with the people who we are the closest to.  Why?? Because we know that they will love us no matter what, so we take them for granted and lay our frustrations on them.  I am just as guilty of this at times.


How can we change?  In the future, and with everyone we encounter, take a moment to appreciate that they are a fellow human being....equally created, and with every right to live as you do....but you have no idea what they may be going through, or what they may have already had to suffer.  So leave your judgement and the ego at the door and simply show love and kindness.