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new course added:AP Seminar

We are proud to announce that we have added a brand NEW AP Course titled:  AP Seminar.

You may be asking yourself...what is AP Seminar?  Is it History? Science? English?  Math?  Art?  The answer is...a little bit of everything.

AP Seminar is an interdisciplinary course. This means that it does not fit under any content discipline. Rather, it is a course that focuses upon the necessary skills that we need to be successful in any and every content class.  For example, students will grow and master skills such as research, analyzing primary and secondary sources, presentation, collaboration, communication and many more.  These are all skills that students must learn in order to be successful at the university level.

Students in this course will investigate topics in a variety of subject areas, write research-based essays, and design and give presentations both individually and as part of a team.

As we move into the 2021/22 school year, we are looking to add AP Research.  The goal is for students to combine these 2 courses (Seminar & Research) and upon the successful completion, students will earn the prestigious AP CAPSTONE DIPLOMA.

To learn more about AP Seminar and/or AP Research and the Capstone Diploma, please contact the teacher, Stephanie Gonzalez,  or you can visit this link at the College Board website.

Advanced Placement

How to Register for 2021 exams:

Step 1:  ACTIVATE EXAM - Students choosing to take the AP exam in 2021 must log-in to their MyAP account and join the class using the unique Join Code provided by their teacher.  You MUST use the specific code for your class and period.  You cannot use a code from a different period as you will not be allowed to order an exam.  All students MUST be enrolled in their courses on their MyAP account by September 1, 2020.  

Once students are signed up for a class in the MyAP section, they will then have full access to all of the resources provided by the College Board.  This includes supplemental information, AP Exam information as well as rubrics and sample test questions!! So do not hesitate to join! 

Step 2:  SUBMIT EXAM FEES - Submit payment for your exams by visiting and completing an AP Payment form.  Submit exam fees online via credit card or via postal mail by October 30, 2020.  Exams will NOT be ordered without payment submission.  Both the exam fee payment AND MyAP join steps MUST be completed BEFORE the deadline for the exam order to process.  Any exams unpaid by October 30, 2020 will be deactivated.

Prices for AP Exams are listed on the order site on the link above.  OUSD covers a portion of all exams so the most per exam that you will pay is $60.  All STEM exams (Math, Science, English, Computer Science) are reduced to $30. 

For students that qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch program, the fees are further reduced to $30 for regular exams and $15 for STEM exams.  So please fill out and submit the application form for this by October 1, 2020 if you think that you may qualify. You can apply right here by clicking on HERE. To qualify, you MUST apply every year.

Forms can also be found on the OUSD website.  
Instructions for students with Free or Reduced Lunch:
- Students MUST contact AP Mr. Greene for approval and will then be provided the reduction code if approved.
- You will then then visit 

- After reading the information, click on Submit AP Exam Fees and complete the online payment form. 
- When prompted, say "Yes" to the question that they have been approved for a fee waiver code and then enter the code that Mr. Greene gives you, in the box that appears.  DO NOT SHARE THIS CODE WITH OTHER STUDENTS.  It is not about them using the code, I will catch that.  The problem is that when we delete them because they do not qualify for the waiver, they risk not ordering an exam.  We had 2 students who unfortunately fell into this situation last year and could not take their exams!  Do not be that student this year!!
- the code will reduce the cost as appropriate.

For further questions about exams, you can visit the College Board website at  


AP Exam Questions
Contact Christopher Greene  Christopher Greene (760) 901-8015 Assistant Principal: Last Name A-Goi